Red Knights International Motorcycle Club® IL Chapter 5

Red Knights INTL Motorcycle Club IL Chapter 5 Gallery
1st Annual Dave E. Sessions Memorial Ride 
June 23rd 2012
Red Knight Chapter 5 19 & 22 take a ride to Poopys (Savanna Illinois) July 22nd 2012
Red Knights IL 5 members participate in IL 19 Wounded Warriors Ride (August 25th 2012)
Red Knights IL Chapter 5 Members Lead the McLean County Fire Truck Parade October 7th 2012
Red Knights IL5 rides with Chapter 16 & 14 on May 18th 2013
Dave Sessions Family
2nd Annual Dave Sessions Memorial Ride
June 22nd 2013 
Pictures from Havana Rural Fire 
3rd Annual Dave Sessions Memorial Ride 
June 21st 2014