Red Knights International Motorcycle Club® IL Chapter 5

Want to Become a Member?
How to Become a Member
IL Chapter 5 is always seeking new members. Becoming a member is very simple as long as you meet the requirements to join.
​To join, simlpy click the "Membership Form" button located at the bottom of the screen. Download the Microsoft Word document, fill out the needed information, then email the document to Illinois Chapter 5 ( After you have filled out the form and submitted it, someone will contact you
with your payment options and details for attending the next meeting.
Applications for membership can also be mailed to: Red Knights IL 5 608 S. White Oak Road Suite 3 Normal, IL 61761
Types of Membership:
Charter Member: An Active member that has joined a chapter within one year of the chapter being chartered.
Active Member: Is available to anyone who has been a member of the fire service.
Social Member: The spouse, boyfriend (1), girlfriend (1), or offspring of an active member.
Membership Dues:
Charter/Active Member:
New Member: $25.00
Renewal: $15.00

Social Member:
New Member: $20.00
Renewal: $10.00

Dues are subject to change
Red Knights International Motorcycle Club® IL Chapter 5

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Membership Renewal Options
Why do I Have to Pay Dues?
Illinois Chapter 5 is required to pay dues to the International Chapter of the Red Knights. The international office provides a price that Illinois Chapter 5 is required to pay the international office for each new member as well as the renewing member. A very small portion of the dues are kept by Illinois Chapter 5 to help offset the cost of administrative costs.